The Best Vacations Start When You JustGo
The Best Vacations Start When You JustGo

RV Consignment

If you own a newer model Class A or Class C RV, consider the RV consignment program at Carefree RV. Our program gives you the advantage of both owning your RV and having it pay for itself when you’re not using it. Call us today to learn more about this cost-effective strategy by contacting us at (610) 668-1700.

How Does Motorhome Consignment Work?

As an RV owner, you can acquire a substantial income from being a part of our motorhome consignment solution. If you are a responsible RV owner, we would be more than happy to talk to you about how you can rent your RV with Carefree RV.

We take care of the entire RV consignment process:

  • List your RV for rent on our website.
  • Manage the entire reservation and payment process.
  • Teach renters how to properly use your RV while driving and camping.
  • Offer tech support for customers during their RV vacation.
  • Perform any repairs or maintenance and clean inside and out at drop-off.
  • Cut you a check at the end of the month based on your RV rental activity.
RV Consignment in PA

Reasons to Rent Your RV on Consignment

  • Offset the cost of owning an RV.
  • Pay down the loan on your motorhome or travel trailer.
  • Do not use your RV as often as you had planned.
  • Upgraded to a newer RV but have not sold your previous one.
Rent Your RV in PA

Benefits of Choosing Us

Along with our premium motorhomes and amazing customer service, take advantage of all we have to offer here at Carefree RV:

  • Above and beyond personalized support for your unique RV experience.
  • More amenities compared to the barebone units of national brands.
  • Easy RV rental process from our professional RV dealership.
  • Service and repair all types and classes of RVs.
  • Newer model RVs for sale at low prices.

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In addition to renting RVs from owners on consignment, we also offer production rentals, NASCAR RV rentals, Penn State RV rentals, and concert and event RV rentals. We also have RVs available when you need temporary housing. Located in Exton, PA, and serving Chester County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas and states within a 2-hour radius, we also allow our RV consignment rentals to travel to State College, Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. Learn more about how you can rent your RV by calling (610) 668-1700.

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