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Have a Carefree Spring Break in an RV Rental

Spring is right around the corner, and that means spring break is near! What better way to spend your vacation than traveling around with your family in an RV rental? You can pack what you’d like, bring your pets, and set your own schedule. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Carefree RV.

Have a Carefree Spring Break in an RV Rental

Pack Anything You Want

There’s a good chance that if you haven’t traveled in some time, you’ve forgotten the stress of packing a suitcase. Trying to fold your clothes neatly, remembering all the random toiletries, and accepting that you don’t need to bring those extra shoes that you might wear but most likely won’t. Perhaps you’re dependent on your own coffee, or you are unable to sleep without a weighted blanket. When renting an RV, there’s no stress in packing. Bring whatever you need!

Bring Your Pets

Pets are like family. You don’t want to leave them behind. And, the cost of boarding can get expensive fast. In an RV rental, you can bring your best family friend along with you. Most RV rental companies allow pets, just be sure to review any rental policies for necessary deposits or restrictions.

Become One with Nature

You’ll not only be in the great outdoors, but you’ll also have access to more remote and beautiful nature landscapes. With an RV, you are free to travel to distant locations inaccessible by airplane and not constrained by hotel availability. The nearest airport to that national park you’ve been eyeing may be several hours away, and there may only be a few, frequently fully-booked motels nearby. With an RV, you can drive right in.

Enjoy the Ultimate Flexibility

While airline cancellation procedures have improved, they are still not ideal because your money is sometimes tied up in travel credits. Cruise line cancellation rules are complicated to navigate. Mandatory reservations are becoming more common at restaurants and theme parks, according to frequent travelers. In an RV rental, it’s incredibly easy to change your plans on the fly. You make (or break) the schedule however you so choose.

Located near Philadelphia, Carefree RV serves Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Beyond rentals, we also offer RV service and repair. You can contact us today at (610) 890-7007 to book your reservation.