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3 First-Time RV Renter Tips

Are you planning on renting an RV for the first time? How exciting! At Carefree RV, we know that the first time you rent such a large vehicle, it can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. However, the ability to take amazing vacations and experience togetherness with your family like never before is more than worth the effort. Read on for three of our favorite tips and tricks for first-time RVers.

First-Time RV Renter Tips

1. Practice Driving the RV

Before you hit the road in your RV rental, we always recommend some time in an empty parking lot to familiarize yourself with the rig. Whether you’re pulling a trailer or operating a Class A motorhome, driving it for the first time is going to be different than what you’re used to. We especially recommend that you practice taking wider turns in your rental to prevent you from cutting corners too sharp and jumping curbs or hitting an object. You may want to take them even wider than necessary until you have a good feel for how the backend swings.

2. Learn the Basics

Most RVs have the capability to use the amenities for a short time without hooking up to power and water. They will typically have a fresh water and grey water tank and generator that can be powered by gas. However, when you do reach your campsite and hookup, you can take showers, cook, and watch TV as much as you want. Learn whether you have full or partial hookups and how to use them before heading out so your party can be as comfortable and prepared as possible.

3. Always Arrive Before Sundown

Finally, as you plan your first trip, make sure to give yourself enough travel time so you’ll arrive at your destination before the sun sets. The first time you hook up your RV and set up your campsite the way you want it can be difficult, and doing it in the dark won’t make it any easier. You’ll be grateful for the extra time, especially if you make mistakes and need to repeat a few steps.

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